The Bog Garden

The Bog Garden is fed by numerous underground springs, so even in the driest summers it stays wet. The garden as a whole contains over 150 different species and varieties of Iris and 40 Primulas.


The wooden Boardwalk, made by Nigel, elevates you over the Bog Garden, which is a blaze of colour. 

Above: Another Iris from the south east of America, Iris fulva

Above: Iris Sibirca ‘Shakers Prayer’ which has intricate detail as if etched into the falls. Behind are the white flowers of Ranunculus aconitifolius.

Above: Primula pulverulenta, a beautiful candelabra primula from wet hillsides in Sichuan province in China, here with Symphytum ‘Lambrook Sunrise’.

Above: Iris ensata.

Above: Candelabra Primula grown from seed called Primula Rainbow mix. In the background you can just make out the blue of Corydalis flexuosa which self seeds.

Above: We think this is Iris 'Hatsuho', a cross between Iris pseudacorus and Iris 'Sakigake'.

Above: Iris laveigata relishes the damp conditions.


Right: This is Iris siberica 'Lady 'Vanessa'.

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